On April 30, 1974, Manorville Community Ambulance was formed, starting with just 17 dedicated community residents, and a donated cadillac ambulance.

With the lack of any funding the crew was forced to park the ambulance in members driveways and hold their meetings at a members home, public hall or restaurant. Any kind of operating money was donated through fundraisers, door to door soliciting and by raffles. When the donations ran out, the members themselves would pay to fuel the ambulances. At one point two of our members had actually taken a second mortgage out on their homes.

For a short time period, Manorville Ambulance found itself in a garage situated across from the Maples, on Lane Road. The Lane Road building was short lived and the ambulance was parked at the companies Presidents house.

Finally with the help of the Town of Brookhaven, a tax district was formed to help finance the company. Manorville Ambulance used those funds to purchase a small plot of land on South Street that would be known as our Headquaters. In July of 1985, the original Manorville Ambulance Headquaters building was built.

For 28 years, Manorville Ambulance operated out of our original headquater building. On July 21, 2011 the building was demolished to make way for a new environmental building. On January 26, 2013 we had officially moved into the new building and on March 2, 2013 the official ribbon cutting ceremony was held.