Manorville Community Ambulance Adult Application

A Review period is 4 months. Probation for a new member is 6 monts. Probationary Members must complete the following:

  • Attend all monthly membership meetings during probationary period.
  • Attend ALL trainings during probationary period
  • Attend ALL BLS Committee meetings during probationary period
  • Attend ALL OSHA training and HazMat Awareness Training.
  • Complete NIMS Training.

Serve one (1) 4-hour Duty Crew per week during the following hours:

  • 1800 hrs -0600 hrs Weekdays and/or
  • 1800-0600 hrs Friday – Monday

The total number of duty Crews that need to be completed in the 6-month Probationary period is 24 Duty Crews.
Additional Duty Crews such as Stand-Bys, trainings, and/or special events are excluded from the above requirements unless approved by the Company Officers

Any exceptions to these rules are to be approved by the Officers of Manorville Community Ambulance and will be reviewed every 6 months.

You will also be required to havea  drug screening and Hepatitis B shots, Dr. Celentano is used by Manorville Community Ambulance free of charge or you may use your own doctor, at your expense. Forms are provided by our membership committee 

From the Bureau of EMS Policy Statement: 00-10

Provide a guide for those who are interested in understanding what qualifications, competencies and tasks are expected


  • Must be at least 18 years of age by the end of the month in which they are scheduled to take the written certification examination for EMTs.
  • Knowledge and Skills required show need for high school or equivelent education
  • Ability to lift, carry and balance up to 125 pounds (250 pounds with assistance)
  • Ability to interpret oral, written and diagnostic form instructions.
  • Ability to use good judgment and remain calm in high stress situations
  • Ability to be unaffected by loud noises and flashing lights
  • Ability to function efficiently without interruption throughout an entire work shift
  • Ability to calculate weight and volume ratios
  • Abilitity to read English language, manuals and road maps
  • Ability to accurately discern street signs and addresses
  • Ability to interview patients, patient family members and bystanders.
  • Ability to document, in writing, all relevant information in prescribed format in light of legal ramifications of suchj
  • Ability to converse, in English, with coworkers and hospital staff with regard to the status of the patient.
  • Possesses good manual dexterity with ability to perform all tasks related to the highest quality patient care.
  • Ability to bend, stoop and crawl on uneven terrain.
  • Ability to withstand varied environmental conditions such as extreme heat, cold and moisture
  • Ability to work in low light situations and confined spaces.

You do not have to be an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) to be a member of Manorville Ambulance. However, you must be enrolled in an EMT Class or be a cleared ambulance driver before you can come off of probation.

Yes, Manorville Ambulance allows members to be either an EMT, a Driver or both. Any non-EMT’s will be trained to assist EMT’s with their roles.

Manorville Ambulance holds monthly trainings to help keep EMT’s up to date with their procedures, these trainings are also required for non-emt’s and can help you.  As a member of Manorville Community Ambulance you also have the opportunity to get into an EMT Class for a cheaper price then if you were not in a corps. We also offer CPR/First Aid training to any member at no charge.

No, membership is split into three different positions.

  • In District member
  • Out of District Member (Must live within 5 miles from our District Lines)
  • Associate Member (Lives outside of the 5 mile limit)

Please list days and hours