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Probation Member Requirements

 In accordance with Manorville Ambulance Bylaws – Section K: Probationary Member

A probationary Member:

  1. Has been accepted in the Corporation. They shall be on probation for a minimum of six (6) months.
  2. Must abide by the By-Laws.
  3. To be a Responder: must be enrolled in or have obtained a minimum of First Aid, CPR, and the required HazMat Awareness certification within six (6) months of their probation, as of July 1, 1992. An extension of this requirement and their probation may be required by the Company Officers.
  4. Does not have any voting privileges, or the right to run for or hold office.
  5. Must attend all meetings and training sessions with the exception of excused absences as reported to an officer prior to the meeting or training session.
  6. Must be active on at least one committee during probationary period.
  7. Must sign up for at least one duty crew time:
    7a. in-district members: minimum of four (4) hours weekly.
    7b. Probationary members who reside outside of the MCA District will be required to do at least one four (4) hour in-house duty crew per week.
  8. Shall be a NYS certified EMT or be a cleared driver as described in Section S of Rules and Procedures.
  9. Upon satisfactory completion of all of the above, shall become a Full Member upon majority vote of the voting Members present at the Monthly Meeting following a review and recommendation from the Company Officers at the end of their Probationary Period. The Probationary Member will not be present during the discussion and voting. If the Member is not present at the meeting when voting takes place, he/she will have written notification of acceptance, denial, or extension of the Probation period from the Corporation.
  10. If the probation period exceeds one (one) year, the voting members present at the next Monthly Meeting, following a review and recommendation of the Company Officers, will by a majority present, vote to extend the probationary period for up to three (3) month intervals or dismiss the Member from the Corporation.
Last Updated: 10-2020